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A story of a young girl…

Once there was a young girl.. can say a teenager….she was actually very concerned about her studies ..her work …her status…her personality ….her reputation in the society n almost everything related to her  ….. she always wanted  to be higher from others  in everything…her grades , her marks , and her job her post and everything ,….she wanted everything to be perfect.she had a lot of wills …wishes ...goals…determinations… not just a single but she wanted to be involved in almost everything…..really ….she wanted to get a best job …she wanted that everyone may get impressed and inspired by her personality ….. she actually wanted this because she thought that she can do everything on her own…but that was obviously impossible coz a man can never be able to get everything he wants …but when she thought about the reality of mankind n nature , she realized that she mustn’t OVERTHINK about her future…and that everything would be on its time when GOD will do….she realized that we should always think positive but don’t overthink…....and have faith in GOD n keep on hoping for the best  ……….because “you will always get what you hope for”   🙂

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#you will surely be blessed with everything if you have a positive thinking a best hope… 🙂